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In Gaming, for us die-hard Air Combat and Flying Simulator pilots – we’ve had a taste of what current gen systems can bring to the table, but our selections are highly limited in the genre at this time. War Thunder is both a fast paced combat experience and a flight simulator all-in-one. War Thunder offers multiple game modes and multiple types of vehicles to command in huge realistic maps, and the developers are actively adding new content. The latest announcement, details addition of supersonic jet aircraft and air-to-air missiles which is a much anticipated addition since the games focus has been mainly World War II era vehicles. They’ve also recently added Helicopters and Ship Based modes which are currently in active development. This game is Free to Play and only require payments to speed up your advancement in the game and other perks, so its not necessary to fork out. If you’d like to check it out, use this link to download War Thunder, and receive an extra bonus to start out.

Fore more information about the latest update, click here or for more information go to

Ace Combat has been developed by Bandai-Namco, and is posed to release its next iteration in the series in Q4 of 2019. Titled, Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, the community has been waiting on this for years. This series takes place in a fictional future where the latest modern day aircraft are piloted and even aircraft not IRL. The series hopes to leave a lasting footprint on the current gen systems by including Virtual Reality support and other features, for more information go to

Until the next update, stay safe up there!