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These days, privacy is limited and billionaire Mark Cuban wants to give that privacy back to you when it comes to messaging with his new free App, Cyber Dust. This App can be used to message someone privately, send group messages or send a blasts and guarantee’s that anything sent will be deleted from history like it never existed. The data would be deleted on the local device and all servers, within a 24-hour period for unread messages and immediately for read messages. Every message is protected with a unique 128-bit AES encryption which is further secured by an RSA 2048-bit key. According to DigiCert, “…if you tried to break a DigiCert 2048-bit SSL certificate using a standard modern desktop computer, and you started at the beginning of time, you would have expended 13 billion years of processing by the time you got back to today, and you would still have to repeat that entire process 468,481 times…”. The similar social App Snapchat, deletes data on the device locally but keeps copies on servers. So, this App would be a true alternative method for secure messaging on a mobile device.

Cyber Dust LogoDownload Cyber Dust by searching “Cyber Dust” on your mobile device App stores or use the links below:

Apple App Store: Cyber Dust for iPhone


Google Play Store: Cyber Dust for Android


Windows Store:  Cyber Dust for Windows Mobile


Company Website:



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