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Torrents are a tremendously popular way to download today’s content online, but what’s the difference between a public torrent website vs. private torrent website, and which one should you use?

Public Torrents are accessible to anyone with an internet connection and they can usually be found easily via search engine or a public torrent website such as Pirate Bay. The problem is that although it used to be that simple before, that’s not the case now because of the crack down on online piracy and copyright infringement by law enforcement officials around the world. For example, public torrent website Pirate Bay is being pursued by companies seeking action to be taken against the website for these violations, even to go as far as shutting the site down. The website has already been shut down from multiple countries across Europe and is now facing an uphill battle to stay online. Generally, public torrent websites are now facing great opposition to stay online and they may not be around for much longer, if law enforcement and companies succeed with there efforts.

In addition, since public torrent websites are so easy to access; they are usually exploited for many reasons to negatively affect the user. An uploader can embed malicious software’s such as a virus so that when a user downloads their content the virus will be downloaded as well. Another tactic, many copyright holders often monitor torrents and receive your IP address, they then communicate this infringement to the ISP resulting in a letter and other actions. If you’re careful you can avoid most issues, but there is no guarantee that you wont be a victim.

Pirate Bay LogoPrivate Torrents are accessible to a select group of users who have previously signed up agreeing to the terms and service agreements to a specific provider such as Demonoid. These websites provide a safer alternative, as any attempts of exploitation are dealt with immediately by the community and moderators. The problem is that these websites are usually closed to only members, and in order to become a member you must be invited by a current member or utilize another alternative joining method. These websites are usually recommended for power users, and are usually intolerable by regular users due to site policies who just want a quick download.

Demonoid LogoConclusion, which one should you use? It all depends. If you just want a quick download and are willing to take the risk of downloading that latest album then you can easily get by, by using a public torrent website. However, if you are more of a power user and prefer a safer alternative with all the headaches that come with it, then a private torrent website is a great choice for you. Good Luck!