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Do you have an idea of a website you want to create? You may have run into numerous obstacles which may have placed that idea on hold. I’ve wanted to create my own website for a while now (more than a few years) and I just couldn’t figure out how to get it done, until now! I’m going to show you one way of how to get started with your website today!


One of the simplest and fastest ways to create your own website with no coding is by using WordPress. You can create a WordPress account, choose a custom sub-domain name for WordPress, choose a layout, and have it online in a matter a minutes. There are limitations because it’s free and it’s more like a blog with no monetization, however you can immediately begin to familiarize yourself with WordPress so that when you actually launch your official website, you’ll be proficient enough to execute your idea efficiently. Now, on to the money!


There are so many choices for where to buy your domain name, where to host your website, and what coding language to use to get the most out of your website and of course this all depends on your preference and your goals. However, the pricing for these services are all relatively the same. Domain names can cost anywhere from $0.99 and higher, likewise for hosting – $0.99 and higher, and of course the coding and templates choices are all up to you. Using a website such as Cash Crate can make you enough money to have you on your way by completing offers to earn cash, and you’ll receive a check after earning your first $20.00. Sign up for free using the button below and receive extra bonus cash!!!


There are so many choices when it comes to hosting your website online, prepare to spend some time reviewing your options. These different hosting services provide a way for you to get your content online, but specializing specific additional services depending on the customer’s needs. For a review of the most commonly used web hosting providers, follow this link: The Best Web Hosting Services for 2015


After you’ve reviewed your hosting options, all that’s left is to figure out how you’re going to create it! There are many services you can use to create your website, however I’m going to recommend one that’s quick and easy to use which is WordPress. It provides a web interface to customize and publish on your site with minimal coding, so no need to learn all the different languages right away. To learn more about WordPress, go to WordPress website!