WhatsApp Web now available for iPhone users! (Use WhatsApp on your PC)

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A new feature has been released for WhatsApp on iPhone which has been available to Android users for some time now, and it’s really convenient. You can now use WhatsApp from your computer via a Web browser. This is ideal for when you don’t have access to your iPhone, just want to use your computer instead and many other situations. I’ve personally wanted it for sometime, since I use WhatsApp frequently. To set this up, follow the steps below.

  • On your computer, go to the WhatsApp website (http://www.whatsapp.com/) and click on WhatsApp Web.
  • On your iPhone, open WhatsApp and tap Settings.
  • Now, you have to scan the QR code in your web browser by holding your iPhone’s camera towards your computer screen.

Violà! You should now be able to use WhatsApp on your computer and you don’t have to go back and forth between your PC and iPhone.